The main reason I like Vietnam travel


Among tours to Asia such as Cambodia Vietnam tourMyanmar tour package, I love Vietnam tour packages the most!

1. Street food

Vietnamese food is popular in the entire world for its own tasty taste.Street food in Vietnam is varied with hundred of different types such as sticky rice, Saigon bagurette, rice noodles.It is extremely astonishing that the method to make street food in Vietnam is amazingly easy to understand, still the flavor is unforgettable.Wandering along Vietnamese road, i am sure that you will bump into street food stalls all around you.Eating Vietnamses cuisine on cheap stools in the lanes of Vietnam is probably the most attractive way to experience daily living of Vietnamese.

2. Cross the road
Probably the most critical skill you need to learn when have travel packages in Vietnam is the technique to pass the street.Roadways in Vietnam are always jam-packed with motor bikes, cycles and buses driving.To cross the street, the best hint is simply to walk calmly and not to rush through traffict.The traffict will certainly flow around you, and thus don’t worry to much. It sounds risky, but it truly is quite interesting when try crossing the street in Vietnam.

3. Coffee
This S-shaped country is the number two major manufacturer of coffee world wide.The taste of coffee in Vietnam is pretty strong and fragrant.Sweeten condense milk is generally added to coffee to reduce the bitterness of this drink. To enjoy the best taste of Vietnam coffee, you should buy a cup of coffee in Highland coffee shop.I like to sip coffee inside lovely store in Vietnam; it offers me a restful atmosphere.

4. Halong bay
In Quang Ning, Halong, which means “descending dragon”, is a must-go destination for every Vietnam holiday packages.Halong surely lives up to the the so-called name “herritage site of the world”.Visiting Halong bay, the magnificent scenery will surely make you feel as if you have dropped into some heaven on earth.In Halong you can see a lot of great limestone islands.You will be amazed by the wide range of shapes and sizes of those limestone karsts and isles.My experience is to avoid public holiday and peak time if you are going to taking a trip this place.

Best attraction in Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour: Halong bay

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks are filled with lively melodies and also exercises.People in Vietnam mostly do physical exercise or learn how to dance together every morning.You may as well see people walking or even running in the park.Collective activity is a fabulous characteristic in Vietnam’s lifestyle.You can take part in those daily activities and have enjoyment in case you want; do not worry too much, you will be always welcome because of the fact that Vietnamses people are friendly.